Geaux Yella


What is the outcome of coupling a child’s early exposure to various genres of music with cultural experiences from New Orleans, New York, and Kingston, Jamaica? In addition to creating a people person, the first-hand musical and cultural influences cultivates an artist with unparalleled range, immense versatility, and a distinct sound.


Geaux Yella (born Khoury R’Shauwn Brown) is a multi-talented musical artist, aspiring actor and entrepreneur. He displays immense versatility in his music, having a style which crosses several genres, proving he is not an artist who can be put in a box.


“I have an attraction to different types of music. Like I’ll make a club song one day, then I’ll make a Pop song, then I’ll want to make a song with a classical sound. There’s a want to always be different and try new things on beats.”


Since the start of his career, Geaux Yella has released four well-received mixtapes featuring fan favorite singles like “Love Yella” and “Smile.” His musical talent earned him two features in the well-known “Source” Magazine. He has also gained a loyal and supportive fan base on social media and boasts millions of views on both YouTube and SoundCloud.


His early music created noise in his hometown and amongst his social media following, and ultimately gained the attention of rapper Kevin Gates. Gates, who is also a Louisiana native, took a liking to Geaux Yella’s music and respected his drive as an independent artist. Gates gave him a shout out on his Instagram and eventually extended an invite to join him on the highly anticipated, 32-city tour Islah. This opportunity proved to be a pivotal point in his career.


“I got a lot more fans. I had never performed in front of that type of crowd. I had done shows, but it ner came to the point of sold out crowds, smoke, lights. It gave me a better stage presence and awareness.”


Khoury was born on April 19, 1991 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to a mother from Queens, New York and a father from Kingston, Jamaica. He spent childhood years exploring his roots and his culture. Taking trips to Kingston as a child, he quickly realized his relish for Jamaican culture, and developed a fondness for Reggae and Dancehall music. During time spent in New York, he fell in love with the streets of Brooklyn and Queens. Through nearby neighborhoods, he was exposed to a vibrant cultural experience within the Afro-Latino community. His close proximity to New Orleans made it his second home. His visits there stimulated an appreciation for other local artists and musical pioneers like Kevin Gates and Lil’ Boosie.


Khoury grew up singing in the church choir while listening to artist like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, and classic old school tunes. Early exposure to such a wide variety of music ultimately fostered an organic passion to create his own. It wasn’t long before he realized his unique talent and was given the opportunity to show it off. While taking an advanced drama class in Jr. High, he was encouraged by his teacher to venture outside of acting and was given free-range to “do something he really liked.” This prompted his first musical performance in the school gym. His peers loved it and their authentic response served as a stamp of approval. Though he knew he had a knack for music, it was at this moment, with the affirmation of his teacher and his peers, that his purpose in life was unveiled.


“I was always used to rapping at lunch, beating on the lockers, battling people, but when I did the song, I knew then. The whole gym was moving. I was like, this is something you have to do.”


With the support of a musically-inclined mother, who grew up playing instruments and singing in the church, Khoury was ready to exhibit his talents as an artist on a larger scale. He began making music and performing at local clubs and events in his hometown, once again gaining the attention and the support of his viewers. His high energy, unstoppable drive, and his Louisiana roots, gave way to his stage/artist name “Geaux Yella.”


“The Geaux came from people always seeing me on the go. I was always out in the clubs in Baton Rouge performing and they were like, ‘You always on go. You ready.’ And people always call me yella, so I was like let me pu them together. I put it on my twitter and everybody ran with it.”


Outside of his musical career, he has a passion for uplifting people of underprivileged communities, particularly youth. He hopes to use his platform to offer hope and motivation to those individuals and encourage people to be themselves and to better their situations.


“Be you. Be yourself. There’s no other you in the world.”


Geaux Yella has received tremendous support from fans who have listened to his music and is optimistic about his future as an artist.


“I want to also motivate other artists to be free in making their music.”


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